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How to use pottery to elevate your décor

During history, pottery has played a both artistic and utilitarian role, according to online source, BFFArt. It was passed down through generations by acquaintances and bought and sold for amazingly high sums. For thousands of years, pottery and ceramics have been an important part of human culture. From prehistoric storage jars to space shuttles, pottery and ceramics played an important role in countless human efforts.
Pottery is the ideal antidote to homogeneous decoration in all shapes and sizes. It has staked its claim as a legitimate design accessory, whether displayed sparingly or spread over a coat piece.

How your pottery can be displayed
Add plants to your home interior. A great way to add a little color and interest to the basic decor is to add an interesting piece of pottery in an unexpected location. Try to put your house plants in beautifully glazed pots instead of plain Terracotta.

Choose pots that emphasize the beauty of the plant, instead of competing with it. They …

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