Ceramic plate wall decor

Decorating a wall with handmade ceramic plates to fill a large empty space
Handmade ceramic plates
Decorating on a wall with ceramic plates is a cost-effective and creative way to create a beautiful focus in a room. Instead of using art or images, plates can offer an unexpected and affordable way of filling a wide range of walls. In order to create a cohesive look, consider selecting a tight color scheme with a lot of white. In this post we explore beautiful pictures of plate wall inspiration, tips on how to set up your plates and how to hang your plates on the wall.

The use of white plates for most of your wall is cost effective and looks great. White dishes in different sizes and shapes can easily be found in second hand stores and flea markets. With the right color palette, you can create a lovely and timeless centerpiece on you wall.

Tips on how to design your plate wall

If you plan to hang multiple plates on the wall your should trace your plate design directly on the wall on construction or packing/butcher paper. Use your paper template as a guide to place your plates on the wall and tear the paper off the wall gently. This way you get the spacing between each plate just right.