Dog Themed Wall Decor

Dog wall art
Dog themed wall art
Shop for original handmade wall art. Buy dog themed wall art directly from the artist. Why buy a replica when you can have the original decor? Hello, my name is Ed and I make a variety of pet-themed art. I am a dog lover and I love to make all sorts of dog art out of ceramic.

The two ceramic dogs pictured here are currently available for sale. Visit my online store ceramic dog themed decor to purchase. To learn more about this item click here for my dog wall art  specifications PDF.

2 ceramic dogs artwork
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One wall hanging ceramic dog
Dog 1
Ceramic dog wall art
Dog 2

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Making ceramic dogs into wall decor

When making ceramic art I start with a clay block and cut several large pieces of clay from the block. They were about 10 inches by 10 inches in size. I formed up the unfired clay (or some folks refer to as greenware) to the exact shape for each dog. The two dogs were hand made using the clay pieces and then the clay was fired in a kiln. This was the first firing. the kiln was fired to about 2000 degrees.

I decided to go with a Tan, Gray and Black color scheme for the dogs. Each section was painted. The dogs were now in the bisque sate. Most of the dogs face was painted in the Tan and Gray color with Black used as an accent color to make the wall art more interesting.

I also used Red as an accent color by painting the dog’s tongue Red. The last step in the painting process was to paint the outline for each shape on the dogs face separating each color with a black line. This gives definition and makes the clay art work standout and look more interesting and defined.

How my two dogs looked before firing in the klin

Clay dog heads before firing in the klin
Dog artwork before firing in the klin

I am currently working on two new dog themed wall art ceramics. I sculpted both dogs from clay. These two pups are ready for a second firing in the kiln.

Dog wall art decor about to be fired

Dog head hanging wall art made from clay
Dog head sculpted from clay
Taking a closer look at the big dog, it turned out nicely. The image above is a closer look before this piece goes into the kiln. This one will be fired with others later when I have more. My goal is to to fill up the kiln as much as possible before firing.

How to hang clay dog themed art on the wall

On the back of each dog I molded way to hang the art work on the wall. Each dog can be put into a plate holder or mounted on the wall using the hanger mount I molded into the back of each clay dog face. Either way makes for a great dog themed art decor and it’s easy to hang on the wall.

Dog wall decor ready to hang on the wall

Dog themed wall decor video part 1 - Introduction

Dog themed wall decor video part 2 - Ended up creating 2 dogs and making it as a set.

Dog themed wall decor video part 3 - Choose Tan and Black with Red and White as accent colors.

Dog themed wall decor video part 4 - Wall decor has a 3D look, the artwork is not flat and will have a place on the back side for hanging on the wall with a regular picture hook.

Dog themed wall decor video part 4 - Color combination looks excellent and should go with most any interior color decor.

It's been about 2 weeks now and there was finally enough art to fill up the kiln and do a firing. The two dogs came out of the kiln. They survived. Nothing broke which is great because there are no guarantees that it will come out in one piece. The colors turn out amazing I am sure you will agree. As you can see the color difference before firing and after firing. The colors looking nothing alike. After firing the colors look entirely different. They are now ready to hang on the wall.

The two ceramic dogs below are a set and therefore will be sold as a pair. Each artwork is just a little smaller than a regular sheet of paper, approximately 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

Ceramic wall decor dog number 1

Ceramic dog themed wall decoration