Handmade Ceramics

Ceramics made by hand
In the process of creating a handcrafted nature scene

Hello, my name is Ed and I am a ceramic artist and I am always on the look out for interesting handcrafted art ideas. In this post I am creating a set of four wonderful handcrafted wall decor pieces. The idea is to create several pieces of art that when grouped together form one larger piece. All four pieces of art will be similar in shape and color so that when grouped together will look amazing.

Hand Crafted Ceramic Nature Artwork

Each art piece is hand painted
Adding color to the top of the artwork
I decided on a shape for the nature artwork. It's a rectangle but the edges of the rectangle will be rough and not perfectly finished. This will give each piece it's own unique handmade characteristic. The pattern will be a natural pattern of tree branches and berries. The branches will flow through each piece as well as the berries. Working with the clay really connects me with the elements. And it reminds me of visual experiences that gets translated into art. That energy that comes out through my hands and little-by-little goes into each artwork.

Ceramic art being painted before firing
Hand painting the background colors
The next step is to decide on the color. The colors will flow through each piece so they will all look consistent. And when grouped together will look as one unit. I picked a lighter color for the top portion of the artwork and then faded the lighter colors into a earthy hue toward the bottom.

Painting the background and foreground of each art piece
Painting by hand the tree branches
Now it's time to paint in the tree branches. The branches need to stand out against the background so a darker color is used. The last step is to paint the berries. And then finally to fire all the pieces in the kiln and hope they all turn out. Clay is difficult to work with because it has a memory of its own. All its molecules and structures are lined up a certain way. So when I create the shape I want, there is no guarantee that is the way it will come out of the kiln. You never know what is going to happen in the kiln. There are two firings and the first firing everything may be perfect. And 2nd firing everything may blowup or crack.

There is a lot of value in something that's handmade. It's tells a story in the simplest of forms.

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