How Are Ceramics Made

The Making of Ceramic Art

Clay or ceramic art is staged and ready for the klin
Unfired clay ready for the klin
Ceramics are made at high temperatures so chemical and physical reactions will occur to permanently alter the unfired clay. In the case of my art, the clay materials are shaped, dried and then fired in a kiln. The final characteristics are determined by the composition and preparation of the clay body and by the temperature at which the ware is fired. Clay consists of fine-grained particles, that are relatively weak and porous. Clay is combined with other minerals to create a workable clay body. While the clay is un-fired and drying its in a very vulnerable state and can break easily. Part of the firing process includes sintering. This heats the clay until the particles partially melt and flow together. This creates a strong, single ware, composed of a glassy finish. Click here for more information regarding example ceramic materials.

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