Ceramic fish wall decor

Art on wall fish decor
My top ceramic fish wall decorations. Just think of all the possibilities of color combinations that could be used as accent colors pulling from the artwork below. Use a ceramic fish from my store and pull colors from the artwork for accents like towels and throw rugs to get started.

My top ceramic fish wall artwork picks

Handmade wall artwork
Rainbow Trout - click for more information and to purchase
Rainbow Trout Green and Blue simple clay fish with a color separation for a lateral line.

Clay fish
Sunfish design - click for more information and to purchase
Sunfish design with bold Black, Yellow and Green color combination. Camouflage patterns are exploited with interesting color combinations.

ceramic fish
Camouflage Sunfish bold patterns - click for more information and to purchase
Another sunfish design. Notice there is no Pelvic fin on the bottom. Camouflage patterns are exploited with interesting color combinations.

Stripe bass design
Striped bass design. Use of bold Black and White stripes with Red accent colors make this one pop.

camouflage pattern fish wall decor
Bold Sunfish design - click for more information and to purchase
Bold sunfish design. Bold colors in a camouflage pattern.
Browns and Burgundy accents Ceramic fish wall decor
Smallmouth Bass design - click for more information and to purchase
Smallmouth bass design. Use of creamy Browns and Burgundy accents.

Fish decorating ideas

If the room you are planning to decorate is in a neutral color then you are in luck and things just got easy. You can have some fun with colors. I think originality is very important in art. Also I think originality is also key in having nice decor.

So, if your walls have a neutral color simply find a primary color from the clay fish decor and use that color for your accent color. For example, you could use Light Blue, Red or Yellow if using art created in any of the above mentioned colors. You could even use Black. You would accessorize with Light Blue towels for example, and a throw rug if decorating the bathroom. Or Light Blue pillows if decorating a casual room. By doing so you are pulling out colors in the artwork. You have now added an interesting look. If you are interested in what colors are trending you might like to read my article on key colors for the future.

Group similar fish designs together

Fish wall decor
Similar fish designs grouped together on the wall
Its a great idea to group like designs together to get a bigger visual impact. By taking a few ceramic fish and grouping them together on the bathroom wall for example you get a very nice original artwork decoration. You can take this concept and apply it anywhere, does not have to be just in the bathroom. Most any room can be used provide the wall space is available. This is just one way to use ceramics and pottery to elevate your decor.

Size of the fish matters

Fish wall decor
Size of fish are approximately 12 inches by 6 inches

Just ask any fisherman and they will tell you size is everything. Well in the case of  fish wall art you want to know the size of each fish to get an idea of how much space you will need on your wall. Each fish is approximately 12 inches long and about 6 to 7 inches wide. As you can see by the photograph I am hold two of the colorful sunfish in my hands. This will give you an idea of how large they are. I think handmade ceramic art is wonderful. It's unique and someone took some time and thought into the creation of the artwork. These ceramic pieces can easily be hung on the wall for more you can read my article on how to hang ceramic decor.

Ceramic fish wall decor take a closer look

Take a closer look at the fishy features part 1

Take a closer look at more fishy features part 2