Decorative pottery plates

Decorative pottery plates
Decorative pottery plates
I started creating decorative pottery plates several years ago because most of the plates available were either all round and or all white. Some were slightly different in color but most were really blah. If you look online today that is mostly what you find. They all, or most all, generic and have no real character. There are some that are excellent but they are usually very hard to find. Most have no defining decorative quality that stands out among all the rest of the pottery plates. Once you have seen one you have pretty much seen them all.

Ceramic pottery
Decorative plates created by hand
So this is what inspired me to create decorative plates. I wanted to add some unique characteristics that stand out. I wanted to create plates that does not look like all the rest.

My top picks for decorative pottery plates

Decorative pottery plates created differently

In my opinion for my plates to stand out and be different I have to use different techniques in the creation of the plates. I will also need to use or think differently about decorating the my plates so that they are unique. So that's what I set out to do and hopefully have accomplished. You will have to decide.

Decorative plates created by hand

Forming a plate by hand
I choose not to use a potters wheel but to form my clay by hand
The first thing I do differently than most potters is I do not use a potter's wheel. Some artist choose to use a potter's wheel and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact that is a fantastic way to create pottery and ceramic mugs and other works of art. I consider myself somewhat of a non traditionalist because I do not use a wheel to create my art. Instead I choose to form all my clay by hand. I feel using this method things don't always turn out perfectly therefore has its own unique personality and characteristics.This is what makes the plates turn in to art. They are all different.

Plate color is important

pottery plate
Green glazed plate
Use of color is important. Not all plates have to be white. It's OK to have some fun once in a while and use a highly decorative plate. Or even have some as decorations. I like to use colors that grab your attention but also look pleasing to the eye. The use of deep greens and yellows are in the neutral spectrum but are also decorative enough to make a nice decoration.

Using colors are that not typical for plates like lavender make for an interesting decor.
lavender plate
Lavender Glazed plate

And colors like vibrant red make a visual statement immediately. These bolder colors grab your attention.
Ceramic plate
Red glazed decorative plate

Who made the first porcelain plate?

Did you know the Chinese discovered the process of making porcelain around 600 AD. And it was not until 1708 when a German potter discovered the Chinese process. It was then that European potteries came into being.

Beige neutral color decorative pottery plate