Key colors for 2020

New colors introduced for 2020

The 2020 Color Evolution

Some folks say a key color for 2020 is a lighter coral color. Imagine a blueish light coral color straight from the ocean depths. That’s what the future looks like. What do you think? How about a Neo Mint, Purist Blue, Cassis or even Cantaloupe as a color for 2020 for example? These sound like very uplifting colors. Let's take a deeper dive into each color to get my first impressions and thoughts as an artist.

Colors for 2020

New color for 2020
Neo Mint - It's good to start off a new decade (2020) with a new (key) color, right? And it should probably be a color that has not been the color of the year before. Mint is a pleasing uplifting color to start off the new decade with. It's on the pastel side and embodies a lighter energizing color. The color is very versatile. It can go either way, earthy and wholesome or can also be technological and science. A good choice is you ask me.

Key hue for 2020
Purist Blue - It's hard not to like blue of any shade. It's one of my favorite  go to colors. And I use it a lot in my artwork. But for 2020 the color blue moves away from the more popular cobalt blue to the lighter side of the hue. It's a great color but I personally like a more cobalt blue.

2020 new color
Cassis - Is really a fusion of light red and purple for 2020. The light red has just enough purple in it to draw attention that this is not your regular pink color. It's a good interesting color that should do well mixing with other colors. It's a cross between a warm tone, red and a cool tone, blue. Depending on how much purple is mixed in the color could actually reflect a warming relaxation color.

2020 new key colour Cantaloupe
Cantaloupe - This is a key color for 2020 that is on the warmer side but not too warm. Again it's like Cassis a cross between a cool color and a warm color. It gets it's warmth from the influence of red and orange while being cooled down by its milker hues or white being injected into the mix. This makes for a more subdued orange color. It's very close to the salmon color which is a range of pale pinkish-orange to light pink. Interesting color and can be used to add pop and visual interest to any art without being overbearing.

2020 Mellow Yellow tone
Mellow Yellow -  Here yellow key color for 2020 takes on a more earthy hue. Brown is injected to the point where the yellow feels more earthy. It takes on a deeper yellow hue. It's still a warm tone and associated with energy but less so, just like the name suggests more of a mellow yellow.

Key new colors for 2020 video

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Colors for 2020 Conclusion

For 2020 the cooler colors temperature wise are going to be Neo Mint, Purist Blue and then finally Cassis. Cassis is less of a cooler colors than the previous mentioned colors and more of a transition color moving into the warmer hues. And then of course the warm hues are Cantalope and Mellow Yellow. Which are you favorite key colors for 2020, please comment below.