Berry art

Berry artwork
Berry art ceramic wall decor

Berry contemporary art work by artist Ed. Choose your favorite handmade original ceramic wall hanging berry art. My art starts out by painting dynamic colors on interesting clay shapes based on nature and things that are interesting to me.

Handmade red berry art video

My red berries painted on clay and fired to almost 2000 degrees creates an amazing ceramic wall decoration. This and other handmade ceramic wall decorations are available for sale at my online ceramic art shop. My shop is powered by SquareUp and takes Visa and MasterCard. I ship to anywhere in the continental United States. I am sure if you like my berry art you will find other amazing all handmade art.

Berry artwork

I created berry wall decor before and many folks either hung it on the wall or placed it in a place holder for decoration. Making this type of art is fun and exciting for me because of the freedom of creativity.

"Each piece of handmade art tells a story even in the simplest forms"

This is a set of four decor pieces that when grouped together forms a larger group that looks amazing.

The set can be arranged ins many different ways. For example can be horizontal or arranged in a square. Depending on the size of the wall or length of table if placing in a plate holder on a table you can arrange accordingly.

Painting the berries

After I hand formed the clay into the exact size I wanted the next step was to paint the berries. As you can see in the image below I have the four pieces of clay arranged on the table and I am starting to paint the background color. I will continue to layer in colors building upon each layer till I get the desired look.

Berry art is painted with a background color
Painting the background color and each berry

The colors of each piece will flow from one to another thus when grouped together will look as one piece. Branches will flow from one piece to another as well as the berries. Some of the berries will be a slightly different color to give contrast.

Berry artwork background

In the next photo you can see the background of each piece is painted. When fired in the kiln the artwork will look entirely different. In my mind I am visualizing the end look and not so much as what I am currently painting on the clay.

Background for the berry art has been painted

Paint the branches for the berries

The next step is to paint each branch. I want the branches to stand out from the background so I'll choose a darker color. As you can see from the photo below the branches are painted and all that is left is to paint more berries and a final touch up. Then off it goes into the kiln.

Berry branches have been painted
Branches for the berries are now painted

The final berry art results

Here is the final results after removing the artwork from the kiln. When firing the clay you never know what you will get. Many times the pieces come out broken. Clay has a mid of it's own and sometimes is not in-line with the artist wishes and desires. But this time I was able to convince the clay to do what I wanted and the results are spectacular as you can see for yourself.

Berry art number 1

Click on the image for a larger view.
Berry art number 1

Berry art number 2

Berry art number 2

Berry art number 3

Berry art number 3

Berry art number 4

Berry art number 4

Berry arrangements

Four berries in a square formation
Square berry arrangement
Stair-step berry arrangement
Stair-step berry arrangement