Kitty wall art Green eyed kit-kat

cat wall art for cat lovers
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This is a kitty wall art called green eyed kit-kat. Add colorful ideas for a decorative wall by purchasing this work of art. Create an easy DIY solution for your home decor. Adds a new dimension to a plain walls. This decor is handmade and hand painted. The cat interior decoration is for indoor use only.

More about the kitty wall art

wall art specifications
Ceramic art is approximately 12 inches tall by 7 inches wide. Pre-wired, ready for hanging and signed on the back of the art by the artist. Please note the following: Bottom of the cat wall decor is not painted. Bottom sides of decor are not painted. The top (Face) of the cat is hand painted. The artwork is fragile and should not be dropped, handled with care and not to be bumped into any hard objects.

Kitty wall art sculpture is not porcelain 

Cat decor
This is not a porcelain item it's made from clay and has been fired to 2000 degrees turning it into a ceramic decor. The cat wall hanging item is formed by hand no molds are used. Shipping to the 48 continental United States only.