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Check out my cat wall decor selection for the very best in unique and custom, handmade pieces from my wall d├ęcor shop. My handmade ceramics can go in almost any room depending on your style. Cats are perfect for the playroom, kitchen or casual room. They also make great entry way decor and can be mounted on the wall in any hallway to make things more interesting and unique.

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How Cat wall decor is made

Cat wall decor is made using a kiln and clay. The clay is formed and then is fired to become a hard very durable ceramic. If you are not sure what unfired clay is or looks like you can find out more by reading my article called Unfired clay. for understanding more about greenware click my article called Greenware ceramics definition. And lastly to know more about Bisqueware you will want to click on my article called Bisqueware ceramics definition. To know more about the process be sure to visit my article called How ceramics are made. Another great article I wrote is Handmade ceramics which goes into more details on the creative side on how I make some of my ceramic decor. I've added actual photos so I am sure you will find that article interesting.

How to hang my cat art on the wall

All my artwork is very easy to hang on the wall. It required no special tools, just a small hammer and a picture hook you would use to hang a painting. To know more about how to hang my art you can read my article called How to hang ceramic art on the wall. All my art comes pre-wired and ready to hang.

Future cat art colors

Most all my handmade cat wall decorations can be hung on neutral colored walls. There will be enough contrast so the artwork  stands out. Colors from the art can then be used to complement the room by adding accent colors in that color. As I continue to make art one question that continuously is asked is what are the colors for the future? This of course is a very interesting question in which I can only speculate on. But I have some prediction and possibly color choices from major manufactures that you might be interested in reading about. To know more be sure to click on my article called key colors for 2020 to see some of the new colors.