3 Piece Ast Fish Acrylic Wall Decor Set

3 Piece Ast Fish Acrylic Wall Decor Set

An exciting collection of wall art, whimsical and coastal in style, these three pieces each feature a vibrant school of fish and fish saying. "May all your fish come true," "Here fishy fishy" and "You're all my pick, oh-fish." The acrylic allows the lights to shine through the frame, powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included). For energy conservation, these have a 3-way switch that lets you turn on, off, or use a timer feature that will keep the art on for 6 hours, then turn off for 18 hours. A great gift to the fisherman in your life, or to anyone who enjoys the coastline and the coastal scenery. Features: Each of these whimsical walls has a different saying, "May all your fish come true"

Ceramic Fish Wall Decor

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