Antiqua Feelings 3 x 6 inch Ceramic Subway Tile

Antiqua Feelings 3 x 6 inch Ceramic Subway Tile
Antiqua Feelings 3 x 6 inch Ceramic Subway Tile
Reactive Glaze

The tile you’ve found in your search has a really unique feature that will make any room the focal point of your renovation! Every tile is unique with a reactive glaze, gradient edges, and variations in color are characteristic of this effect.

One-of-a-Kind Look

Since each product is so different because of this reactive glaze, don’t be surprised if the product you order this year is not exactly the same as the product you ordered last year. This type of glazing process ensures that you will have an original installation, so make sure you order enough for your project the first time around!

Safe & Healthy

Both pet and family-friendly, tile is made from natural ingredients, making it a healthy choice as it is free from allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde, and PVC.

Resistant & Durable

Tile doesn’t just look good, but it also performs well. It’s non-flammable and slip-resistant features protect you from hazardous situations. It stands up to everyday conditions and continues to look good while doing so.

Easy Clean & Low-Maintenance

Whatever mess life throws your way, tile has you covered. It’s low-maintenance nature, makes it incredibly resistant and easy to clean.

Subway Pattern Layouts

Subway tiles can be arranged in a variety of innovative ways to create your ideal space and suit your design needs. Discover which pattern best fits you with these configurations we've laid out for you.

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