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Hello, my name is Ed and I am a pottery and ceramic artist in Murfreesboro, TN specializing in decorative ceramic wall decor artwork. At this point you may be asking what is pottery and what are the art forms?

Pottery are products that are formed with clay and other ceramic materials that are fired in a kiln at high temperatures making them hard and durable. Many types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The person who makes pottery in a shop or place where pottery is made is called a potter. Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions. Fine pottery art can take many forms including artistic pottery plates, figurines and sculptures. Ceramic art is one of the visual arts.

I enjoy creating ceramic wall art that is different from traditional pottery made on a potters wheel. Each artwork created represents years perfecting techniques working with clay. Each decorative pottery plate, fish wall art and even my berry art involves years of trial and error to perfect. Every ceramic art is handmade and original. I hand paint each wall decoration more than once to get the right color. I would like to invite you to see my beautiful handmade ceramic wall art by visiting my online store by clicking the link below.

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