Coastal Clown Fish Wall Decor

Coastal Clown Fish Wall Decor

The Clownfish is one of the most emblematic saltwater fish in the world. The artist wanted to make sure that he showed this fish and all that made it stand out; thus, instead of just a solid orange, the orange was rendered in varying shades to reflect the variety that one would see when up close to the fish. The scales of the Coastal Clown Fish Wall Decor are enhanced by the use of capiz shells throughout the body of the fish, so that when this fish is hung up, it absorbs and bounces light in different ways. Features: The basic frame of the wall fish is made of plastic, which is powder coated as a black finish. The frame is supported by a wrought iron wire along the inside edge. Capiz is an oyster shell, and the primary purpose of the oyster is to provide food. However, the by-product, the shell, can be used for decoration purposes. Because it is a natural material, the natural colors of the capiz can come as tans and browns underneath the paint.

Ceramic Fish Wall Decor

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