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Fish wall decorations and wall hanging ideas that will make any room of your home look awesome. I did all the hard work and created many great fish decorating ideas and put them all together in one place, right here on this page. These are my hand picked fish wall decor ideas, ceramic fish figurines and fish themed wall hangings that will look awesome in any home. Just click on the image to get a larger view.

Fish wall decorating inspirational gallery

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How to choose a fish color scheme

When choosing a color scheme for your fish themed decor or room, to make it easy I always start by selecting a color from the largest color in the room or pick from the largest pattern. You may have a large pattern or design in your fish decor. Or may even have a colorful pattern in your furniture. If you are painting your walls then consider neutral wall colors. Beige's and white colors work well. This way you can add some very exciting and bold primary accent colors to make a statement. You can pull bold colors from the fish artwork and deploy them in your decorating scheme. Add pillows in the accent colors or add lamps in that color. Pull those bold colors from the art and use thought the room. While you are here take a look at more ceramic fish wall decor and nautical theme ideas on this site and my handmade ceramic fish wall decor article.

Fish scheme with dark floors

Another quick scheme you can use without much difficulty is to use the "Mother Nature" scheme to decorate. I am not sure if anyone else calls this scheme by that name. But I do because I can remember it well by that name. Anyway, the scheme is based on the real world. Just use the real world as an example. In the real world the sky is light, your surroundings are medium (in color), usually, but not always and the ground is usually a darker color. Just apply the same principals to any room you wish to deploy a fish or nautical scheme to. So this translates to a dark colored floor. This is your "earthy" anchor point. Then use a medium color for the walls and as you look skyward of course use the lightest color.

Using the Color Wheel to find fishy colors

You can always pull one color from the fish wall art and use that color through out the room or you can take that one color, let's say a bold red from the artwork and tone it down a bit. An use that color in the room. for example, the red can be toned down to burgundy. This gives your room an accent color and complements the artwork. It looks like you had an interior designer come over and plan the entire room decor for you!

If you did have an interior designer come over then the first thing they might do is pull out a color wheel. Actually they have done it so many times they most likely memorized the colors and already know what colors are adjacent to each other on the wheel. So let's say you are going for a nautical fish theme, imagine that. Then pull out your trusty color wheel and look for colors that are adjacent to one another and you will find two colors that will be perfect, Blue and Green! These colors are known to be calm, relaxing and casual perfect fishy colors.

Use colors you like

Some people look good in red, other look great in black. I know I happen to look good in blue and blue is one of my favorite colors. So why not just use what looks good on you as a color scheme for your room? i would dress my room in a white ceiling, dark flooring and light neutral color walls. Then add a dark blue sofa of main seating with complementing lighter color blue chairs. I would pull some primary colors from the fish artwork, maybe go for a nice yellow to use as an accent color. Lamps and or throw pillows in the accent color.

Black fish wall decor is timeless

One of my favorite colors of all time is black, yep, that's right black. Black never goes out of style and looks good with most anything. You can use black as your accent color, can pull from fish wall decor that has black in it or you can use black as your primary color for major objects in the room. Can have a black sofa, or maybe black cabinets or large furniture. Black never looks old and never looks dated. Just remember when using this decorating scheme is good the remember the 60-30-10 rule. Divide your colors in to 60 percent, walls, this will be your dominant color. 30 percent for furniture and or rugs and finally 10 percent for accent colors for accessories. What this scheme does is it makes your room properly balanced. And with a 10 percent fishy accent color your room will feel and look just right!

Is Gray a fishy color?

Gray, gray and more gray. Well if you look around that seems to be the most popular color nowadays. And it stands to reason because it offends no one. It's pretty much a neutral color. It appears nice and warm or either cool depending on what accent colors you use. If you want to go bolder then go with gray as your primary color and add pink accents. Or you could go gray primary and add pastel yellow or pastel greens as an accent. Now, you are leaning more to the nautical side and a bit toned down. So by adding some pastel greens pulling from your artwork would go well. Most fish wall decor has shades of green. So yes, gray is a good fishy color when used with pastel greens.

What about a monochromatic fish?

Another style that has staying power is the monochromatic look. Take one color from the fish wall art, say a nice color of green and use that color as the primary color in the room. So let's say you are decorating your bathroom and you have a nice green fish wall decor. Paint the walls a neutral color, say white and then paint the cabinets green. With green towels and green accessories. Now you have a monochromatic fish scheme bathroom. This is only one option, you could replicate this color scheme using most any of your favorite primary colors. Just find fish art in your favorite color.

Three fishy rules

Don't just buy one fish artwork, buy three. Always use the rule of three. Most everything looks so much better when there are three of them. Just imagine you hung one fish on the wall. Take a step back and take a look. Yep looks nice but now add two more fish artwork and take a step back. Wow, what a big difference. Now apply that to your color scheme. Use three colors in your nautical themed room. For example you could use nice shades of yellow, navy and green for a crisp and fresh looking room. The number three is the most powerful number in the world. After all the Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun right?

I have come to a fishy conclusion

I hope by going into a little more detail on color schemes this has given you more ideas on how you can incorporate a nautical color scheme. Using colors from your artwork in your home or office is a great idea and as you can see by the many examples above you really can't go wrong.


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