How to catch a striped fish

How to catch a striped fish
School of striped fish
It's just fun to watch how striped fish are caught. The key is knowing what is the weather pattern and if the fish are suspended and if so how deep. Suspended fish are much harder to catch. They usually suspend on fresh water lakes due to falling water patterns. They want to have a place to go and not get trapped that's why they suspend. Other times in the heat of the summer stripped bass are good at driving schools of small fish to the surface. The closer to the surface the smaller fish gets the hotter they become and so they falter and pass-out so to speak. They then become an easy meal for the larger stripped bass. They then to into a feeding frenzy. This usually happens in the summer time on fresh water lakes at the hottest part of the day between 3 and 5 PM in the afternoon. If you are around when this happens you can almost use any kind of lure to catch a stripped bass.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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