How to hang art gallery style

How to hang art gallery style
How to hang art just like in the galleries

As we all know the buying is the easy part and the hanging is the hard part, right? Choosing the mat colors and then looking at all the frame colors and trying to match it all up for that perfect look. What color frame? What style of frame? What height are the paintings and art suppose to be? What is a gallery style or a salon style and what am I going to do? The answer to all these questions is really simple just get started and follow my 4 basic tips and you will be fine. And your wall will look wonderful. No need to get fearful.

4 Easy steps to hang art in a gallery style:
  1. Don't over think it and make things too complicated use the KISS method, and keep it simple. 
  2. When choosing mats and frames, One of the easiest methods is to stick to the most basic and versatile colors like white mats and black frames. You can't go wrong with these colors and they are timeless. You won't be revisiting the artwork in a few years to have it all re-matted because the color is dated. Black and white is never dated.
  3. Hang pieces at eye level or a tad lower if not sure. Art that is hung too high just looks really odd. If you are a tall person then a little lower than eye level works great.
  4. Hang art in a grid is a good idea if you have more than one or two frames in the same color frame or the same style. Grouping them together makes a bigger statement. I often group my ceramic fish together on the wall for a big colorful impact. Makes a nice symmetrical statement.Just make sure the art is evenly spaced roughly 2 inches apart.
References Photo by Matheus Viana from Pexels

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