Steel Sangaria Angel Fish 3D Wall Decor

Steel Sangaria Angel Fish 3D Wall Decor

This angelfish refraction of 3D wall decoration explores a whole new dimension of reflecting light sculpture. Refraxion components are laser cut from 18-gage steel; powder coated for corrosion resistance and long-lasting enough for indoor or outdoor use. Each piece is crafted by hand with a grind pattern that creates a dimension to the piece that can not be captured in photos. This influence integrates with the vibrancy of the cycle of color infusion. All the refracting pieces have braces on the back to allow the product to hang away from the wall and the art is built with sections that can be bent out to give it a true 3D effect. Features: Rear braces allowing the kit to rest away from the wall. 18-gage steel laser cut Dust treated for rust resistant Theme: Sangria.

Ceramic Fish Wall Decor

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